Does better technology really mean more sales? - 1min read

Does better technology really mean more sales? Field sales professionals in the UK and South Africa were asked how technology (specifically mobile sales apps) help their selling efforts. Here’s the 5 top ways they find technology helps them sell.


We usually focus on the reasons why some sales professionals are slow to embrace technology, those reasons that underlie their suspicions toward digital sales tools. Our surveys have identified various factors that contribute to this ‘tech resistance’, highlighting the ways it tends to hinder sales success and how it can be overcome and what to look for in a mobile sales app.


But also worth mentioning, is that by far the majority of field sales reps experience mobile sales apps and other CRM tools positively. The majority of these reps, who enjoy the benefits of sales technology, goes as far as saying that it helps their sales efforts ‘a lot’.


Here are the top 5 ways technology contributes to sales success, according to our surveys among field sales professionals in the UK and South Africa.


The top 5 ways technology helps field sales professionals sell-01


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